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I'm now in the Subaru Club!

17 May 2010

That’s right. I got a car today. It’s a 2007 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited or some nonsense like that. It was a great deal at just over 50,000 miles. It even still has that new car smell. It handles quite nicely, especially compared to the ‘94 Ford Escort Wagon that I’d been driving up until it died last October or November.

Haircut and First Day in Denver

25 Apr 2010

I gave myself a haircut today (that’s the picture that accompanies this post). It turned out pretty well, considering I can only see the front and sides of my head in a mirror.

Colorado - The Land of Opportunity

18 Apr 2010

It’s been a while longer since I last wrote than I though thought it had been. Not all that much has really happened in the past few weeks, aside from two of three submitted papers getting accepted (I suppose this means I ought to start my Curriculum Vitae); this means I’ll likely be going to CVPR in mid-June.

So I lied...

28 Mar 2010

Oh well.

The Wonderful Weather of Colorado

23 Mar 2010

So this evening, myself and a co-worker decided to grab a bite to eat for dinner about a mile away down the hill from the University. As usual, we rode our bikes. The forecast for today was for rain, starting late in the day, turning to snow tonight and snowing all through tomorrow, so we looked outside, saw that it was barely misting, and figured we were good to go.

Coming up for air

21 Mar 2010

I suppose it’s about time I posted an update since it’s been five weeks since the last post. In case it wasn’t assumed, I’ve been extremely busy, with paper deadlines for three meetings (two workshops and a conference). I ended up not submitting anything to the conference (ECCV), though two of my colleagues submitted papers that somehow (surprisingly) got rejected from CVPR. However, I did end up submitting three papers in total over the past week and a half: the paper that got terrible reviews from the CVPR reviewers got a makeover and was submitted to the IEEE Computer Society Workshop on Biometrics along with a new paper that got written (in surprsingly good shape) in a week and a half; and another paper on some stuff we’ve been doing for quite a while with modeling of synthetic and semi-synthetic data was submitted to Analysis and Modeling of Face and Gesture. Both workshops are in conjunction with CVPR, so I may get to go to San Francisco after all. I am third author on the AMFG paper and second author on both of the others, so I still have yet to be primary author on a paper, but I’m not all that concerned about that, as Terry and I are working on finding ways for me to do research on topics we don’t specifically have funding for, particularly with respect to the neuroscience of vision leading to the computational neuroscience of vision, which is what I’d eventually like to do my dissertation on. But enough of the school stuff…

More improvements to the blog

06 Feb 2010

I added an RSS feed to the blog tonight while I listened to the Colorado Avalanche live internet radio feed. They played the Edmonton Oilers and beat them 3-0. But I digress…

The new and improved PHP version

31 Jan 2010

That’s right. I did it. Like I said I would yesterday.

And the chaos keeps on coming

30 Jan 2010

Yes. The chaos does, in fact, keep on coming. However, that is the way I like it. Managing chaos is part of my job and if my job weren’t chaotic, I don’t think it would be quite so exciting. But let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?

Yer damn right I came to work today

06 Dec 2009

So last night it snowed 3 inches or so and it now continues to snow. However, I still determined that I would come to work today, ignoring the fact that it’s a Sunday and that there was a blanket of snow on the ground through which I would have to ride on a road bike. I write this from the lab, so I obviously made it here successfully. Hopefully I have the same degree of success on the ride home.