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Brian ParksWho Am I?

I'm a software developer, systems architect, and problem-solver. My passion is to build software that empowers people to be the best versions of themselves and to enable those I work with to reach their full potential, and I'm excited by opportunities to design well-architected, scalable solutions. I'm currently able to do all that as a Software Engineering Manager at Quantum Metric, Colorado Springs' first ever tech unicorn!

I'm pretty prolific on my YouTube channel, Dev Parkour. In the past, I've written about my opinions and I used to have a podcast, too. I also write open source software (but contribute to other projects far less than I'd like to), including pails, an insanely lightweight and minimalist MVC framework, CMS, and more for PHP, and libfmux, a small C library that efficiently multiplexes multiple "channels" over a single "link" (typically a socket, but it could easily be a pipe or file instead).

I also work on a few side projects:

Previously, I worked as a Senior Software Engineer at LinQuest Corporation, and (before that) at Cherwell Software, was the CTO of Picturebooth in the Colorado Springs (eventually HQ) office (and have since acquired the IP and internet presence for ShutterPilot), worked at Young Life as what would normally be considered a full stack developer (though we didn't call it that), and was a graduate student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (where I worked in the Vision and Security Technology (VAST) Lab employing cortical models of vision to improve machine-based face recognition); obtained a B.S. in Computer Science from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA (where I also worked as a Systems Administrator); and been involved in a few failed startups, including one in the GPS tracking space, another in the IM automation/mobile ordering space, and my own custom software development company, Synapse Software (twice).

I am a Cherwell Certified Professional Administrator and a Cherwell Certified Professional Designer.

On a couple occasions, I've worked with the UCCS Bachelor of Innovation program, and taught several courses (archived here) at UCCS, including the freshman-level programming course, the data structures course, computer organization and assembly, and object-oriented programming in C++.

I'm involved in the Bellingham Codes community on Slack and occasionally in person as well.

I'm also the founding organizer of the Colorado Springs Tech (un)Conference, though I've stepped away since moving to Washington.

I reside in Lynden, WA with my wife, Sara, where I enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, and playing bass.


Twitter: @brian_c_parks

LinkedIn: Brian Parks

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