Brian Parks


My New Schedule

bparks | 27 Oct, 2019 09:32:39 PM

In this blog post, I provide a quick description of my new (work) schedule.

Screen Time Update

bparks | 27 Oct, 2019 09:40:22 AM

As a result of the apps I purged in the previous blog post, my screen time is down 34% from the previous week, for an average of 56 minutes per day. I consider this a win!

Purging my phone of useless apps

bparks | 20 Oct, 2019 08:32:23 PM

I'm currently reading Deep Work, a book about how we are constantly surrounded by distractions in a world that still (or perhaps more so) values the productivity that results from focused work and provides some tips on how to deal with it. I've long been interested in overhauling my schedule and how I work, part of which involves purging my phone of useless apps. Here's how I decided what to remove.

Some thoughts for today

bparks | 16 Oct, 2019 07:52:43 PM

Some random thoughts I had this evening that I both want to record for later and to share with the world.

Day 1 of the Apple Watch

bparks | 7 Nov, 2018 07:35:54 PM

After the first full day of wearing the Apple Watch, some observations from my experience.

How useful is an Apple Watch when you use an Android phone?

bparks | 6 Nov, 2018 10:34:55 PM

I just won an Apple Watch (Series 4) from a contest at Cherwell Software, but I don't use an iPhone as my primary phone. This blog post is the first in what will be a series of blog posts about how effectively I can use an Apple Watch with or in spite of my Android Phone.

How to read a Manual

bparks | 2 May, 2017 11:51:53 PM

That's right. This blog post is quite simply on how to read a manual.

Oracle is Wrong. APIs can not be copyrighted.

bparks | 26 May, 2016 08:30:37 AM

Oracle and Google have been battling in court for years over whether Google's reimplementation of the Java APIs in Android constitutes copyright infringement. Pivotal to understanding the situation is determining what, exactly, is an API. In this article, I describe what an API is, why it can't be copyrighted, and why Oracle is completely unfounded in their suit against Google.

The (Abusing, Misusing) Stable Context Pattern

bparks | 15 Oct, 2015 12:37:21 PM

How often do you want to set some state inside a function, but ensure you unset it before you leave? What happens if you try to short-circuit with a return statement or if an Exception occurs inside the function? What happens to your state (context)? Is it still stable or have you just created an insidious bug?

Murphy's Law

bparks | 15 Oct, 2015 07:02:15 AM

There's a little-known variant of Murphy's Law that says "Whenever a server goes down that absolutely needs to be brought back online immediately, it's inevitably the one that's accessible only via serial console and its only text editor is ed."

Why is "Enterprise" synonymous with "old, outdated systems"

bparks | 15 Sep, 2015 07:04:01 AM

This morning, I listened to a recent episode of Hanselminutes, "Developing Designers with Catt Small". During their discussion, Scott mentions that "Internet Explorer will die" and "Safari is holding the web back," which means it will become more obvious than ever that many enterprise applications have stagnated. On the surface, this seems counterintuitive, but I think there are a few (easily changeable) cultural reasons this is the case.

Is ASP.NET finally a viable cross-platform web solution?

bparks | 2 Jul, 2015 03:11:49 PM

After a year and a half of (slowly) developing my PHP MVC framework pails, complete with its plugin architecture, CMS framework, authentication system, and eventual plans to embrace the composer ecosystem, I'm excited by some of the new things from the .NET community.

To podcast or not to podcast

bparks | 29 Jun, 2015 04:38:18 PM

Well, it got to be about that time when I started to miss podcasting. More accurately, I started to miss rambling aimlessly about topic that I knew something about that listeners would listen to. I don't know if anyone has started to miss the podcast, but I feel it's time to revisit the format and give it a bit of a refresh.

Picturebooth Social Wall

bparks | 26 Feb, 2015 09:05:33 PM

I just got home from the first real pitch of the Picturebooth Social Wall to fellow entrepreneurs and folks familiar with investment-type situations. The response was very positive and we got a lot of good feedback.

Pails CMS 1.0

bparks | 10 Feb, 2015 04:29:23 PM

This is the first release of Pails CMS 1.0. It's not necessarily the most full-featured, but it's definitely a CMS and it's definitely pretty cool. Check it out and let me know what you think.

What am I doing now?

bparks | 10 Feb, 2015 09:01:09 AM

Since the downsizing and restructuring of Synapse Software, I'm sure many readers are wondering what the next chapter in my life will be. Will I get a day job? Will I start going on a lecture circuit? Will I focus on my side projects? Will I ever do another startup?

Breaking in the new blog

bparks | 10 Feb, 2015 08:13:21 AM

Well, I used to write for the company at Since the company's gone in a new direction, I'll be writing here instead. The podcast will probably stay on the company's site for now since that's a little harder to move.