Brian Parks

To podcast or not to podcast

Well, it got to be about that time when I started to miss podcasting. More accurately, I started to miss rambling aimlessly about topic that I knew something about that listeners would listen to. I don't know if anyone has started to miss the podcast, but I feel it's time to revisit the format and give it a bit of a refresh.

So, I think it's going to be shorter. It'll just be me talking (no co-host), and I'll probably focus more on project management-type stuff. I'm not doing that specifically these days, but I find it more interesting to be talking about than raw coding.

I am back at Young Life, so I'm sure much of the podcast will revolve around thoughts inspired by my workday there. The schedule will likely be sporadic rather than regular, but hopefully I'll get into some sort of rhythm. And maybe they'll come with blogs, too.

I plan eventually to move things over here at some point and give the Synapse Software web site a bit of a refresh, too, specifically to preserve it in its current state, but in something a little bit lower maintenance than how it's currently supported.